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Born in the spirit. Baptism of Russia and the triumph of Christian faith
Under the Virgin Mother’s Protection
Patrons and instructors. Veneration of saints in Russia and Russian saints.
Light in the wilderness. Monasteries in Russia
The Earthly Kingdom and the Heavenly Kingdom
Holy objects in everyday life
Heaven on Earth. Inside a Russian Orthodox Church


Between 1565 and 1596. Cover: 16th c.


Wood; tempera; cover – metal; embossing, silvering

142 х 107

Accession: 1934

Provenance: Presentation Monastery, Solvychegodsk

Restored in 1959 at the GTG by I.A. Baranov and from 1993 to 1998 by D.N. Sukhoverkov; in 1959 a basma cover was placed over the panel, historically unrelated to the icon itself (restorer V.B. Yushkevich)

The State Tretyakov Gallery

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